American Hydro Systems F4G Fertilizer Review

American Hydro Systems F4G Fertilizer Review

Whether you are a farmer working in your field or someone who does gardening as a hobby, you have to make sure to give your plants the foods they need for proper growth. Finding the many fertilizers and creating the perfect mix to give plants a viable environment can be quite a challenge.

American Hydro Systems F4G-1 Grass So Green All Purpose Blend Fertilizer

A better way to go about this issue is to use all-purpose fertilizer. If you are looking for an all-purpose fertilizer solution for your lawn or field, American Hydro Systems F4G-1 Grass So Green might be the best solution for you. Here are the best features of Grass So Green all-purpose fertilizer.

Product Features

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    It is available in liquid form in a bottle
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    You can use it in your sprinklers to fertilize the lawn
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    With a bio-builder base and a 7-7-7 blend, it is healthy for plants and the soil both
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    The organic based formula is light on the environment and healthy for your lawn
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    You can use it with Green Feeder Mini, Green Feeder, and ProFeeder
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    It is in a 1-gallon bottle that should last for up to a month for a 2000sqft area

Product Benefits

It does not matter for how long you have been gardening, planting and watering. When it comes to fertilizing, things can be quite challenging for anyone. You can never look at the soil and predict how wholesome it is in nutrients and if it will be able to provide your plants the food they need for growth.

Furthermore, the more plants you grow on a piece of land the more nutrients they absorb from the soil. You then need the right fertilizer to enrich your soil with the chemicals and nutrients that are essential for the growth of your plants. That's where the all-purpose Grass so Green compost comes in.

It is a 7-7-7 blend all-purpose fertilizer that you can use without worrying about the proportion of chemicals that are right for the plants. The best thing is that it is in liquid form and you can use it with your sprinkler to ensure that every plant receives ample quantity of nutrients.

People around the world have realized their responsibility towards their planet. Sustainable living is the new slogan, and whether it is human food or plant food, it has to be environmentally friendly.

That’s yet another win for Grass So Green fertilizer. It is an organic based food for your plants, and it is light on the environment. The bio-builder base makes it the perfect food not only for your fruit-bearing plants but the soil too.

Buy one bottle, and it will be enough for you for a month if the land you are spraying is 2000-sqft. The natural blends enrich the soil with all the nutrients that will help your plants grow fast and healthily.


  • The liquid form makes the job more comfortable as you can add the fertilizer to the sprinkler
  • Humates in the compost are all-natural for boosting the organic growth of the plant
  • The powerful manure is good for a 2000-sqft area for a month
  • The all-purpose nature of the fertilizer means it provides plants with the three primary chemicals for their growth, respiration and disease prevention
  • The organic-based quality of the compost is for those who care about the safety of their planet as well


  • The liquid form could result in stains in the watering equipment

What Others Are Saying

It is the customers who can best tell how good or bad a product is. Most of the customers who purchased Grass So Green all-purpose fertilizer have shown signs of satisfaction.

American Hydro Systems F4G-1 Grass So Green All Purpose Blend Fertilizer

They are happy with the results that the fertilizer has produced in their lawns and gardens.

Some users believe that the fertilizer made their lawn look like some professional had worked in it.

Most of the users have also highly appreciated the fact that they can use this fertilizer with the sprinklers, so they don’t have to do a lot of work. They also love the fact that the proportions that the company has asked them to use have helped them achieve the best results.

Many customers who had been using other fertilizers in the past have revealed that they were able to produce much healthier and fuller grass after the use of this fertilizer. Some customers have shown a little concern about the staining quality of the liquid.

They believe the liquid stains their watering equipment but has also demonstrated contentment at the fact that even gentle scrubbing helps them remove those stains with ease.

Buying Advice

When you are in the market to purchase something, you will never feel 100% satisfied with any product. It is always after some experiment that you can find the product that you are willing to use for years. Grass So Green is a great product, mainly because it is an all-purpose fertilizer that makes the fertilizing process easy for the gardeners.

You will also love the fact that you can pour it into the sprinkler. It is more like a set it and forgets its solution. It is healthy for plants and the soil. The best thing is that it is organic-based and has a very light footprint on the environment.

Final Verdict

As a customer, you have the full right to your money and the product that you want to buy. However, it will always pay you to do some research before you pay for a product. Grass So Green has received excellent remarks from the customers and makes the fertilizing process much more comfortable due to its liquid nature.

American Hydro Systems F4G-1 Grass So Green All Purpose Blend Fertilizer

It is organic-based and can work with Green Feeder and ProFeeder. You can even use your sprinklers to fertilize your fields every time you spray them. Is it a recommendable product? Yes, it is a good product, and you should be okay to buy it and recommend it to others.  

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