Scotts 22315 Turf Builder Fertilizer Review

Scotts 22315 Turf Builder Fertilizer Review

A lush green and healthy lawn is a joy to have that complements your house and landscape. Nothing can replace the feeling of contentment when you sink into smooth, vibrant and lively grass bare feet.

But to maintain a dense and healthy lawn does not only require your great deal of attention and time, but it needs a good fertilizer. Selecting the best fertilizer is vital for your lawn’s health as it promotes healthy turf and also reduces pest issues. It gives you a thick, green mat grass that has more excellent resistance to these problems.

Scotts Turf Builder Lawn Food

Besides using home-grown methods that help you enhance your grass’s vigor, you can also apply a high-quality fertilizer to double the effect. In this regard, Scotts Turf Builder Lawn Food can be your lawn’s best companion to help it to stay healthy and immaculate.

Moreover, as the product has a synthetic formula, Scotts Turf Lawn food provides feeding and greening to your lawn that thickens the grass.

Buyers who want to build a healthy and green lawn quickly; the product is a better option to strengthen the roots of their grass weeds. It has an aim to provide the best lawn care formula that can turn your barren landscape into a manicured lawn.

Product Features

  • check
    Covers the area of 15 sqft
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    Comes with an all-in-one formula to improve the health of your lawn
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    Uses smart water technology
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    Offers variety for different seasons
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    Weighs 39.7 pounds
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    Has 23 x 15 x 4.5 inches product dimension

Product Benefits

If your target is to have a well-manicured lawn that makes you proud and adds grace to your yard, Scotts Turf Lawn food, with its all-in-one formula, can help you achieve that. The lawn food enhances your lawn appearance while building strong roots.

The all-in-one nutrients in the product strengthen the grass to increase its ability to resist against harsh weather, disease, and pest.

While using Scott Turf Lawn food, no longer do you need to worry about the type of grass you have in your lawn as it has fortified nutrients that guarantee to protect. Moreover, the lawn food increases its effects gradually that allow the roots absorb essential nutrients conforming to their need.

Because of this slow nutrient absorption, all the vital elements do not leach away from the soil and prevent the grass from burning.

Scotts Turf Builder Lawn Food

Also, for better growth of grass, it is essential that it absorbs the right amount of water. Scotts Turf Lawn food, with its smart water formula, helps your lawn grass utilizes the water nutrients in a better and effective way. Upon feeding the grass regularly, the unique product improves your grass’s ability to absorb water nutrients and allows them to reach the roots rapidly.

Unlike tradition lawn fertilizers, Scotts Turf Lawn food has some active ingredients that include iron, soluble potash, nitrogen, and sulfur. The perfect combination of useful nutrients kills existing dry weeds and provides long-term protection from new plants.

Besides this, the constant feeding of 3 months helps you control stubborn weeds like chickweed, clover, and dandelion from growing again. Hence, this feature of season-long weed control distinguishes Scotts Turf Lawn food from rest of the brands.

Not only this, but the product is also known for its convenient application. It does not make you season bound as you can use the product throughout the year. Scotts Turf offers a wide range of seasonal variety to cater the requirements of different seasons while stimulating the growth of grass.

Each seasonal lawn food incorporates particular plant nutrients to enable you to take better care of your landscape. For example, Summer Turf Builder does not only strengthen lawn but fortifies its defense mechanism against scorching heat and harsh conditions of droughts.

Similarly, you can prepare your garden for upcoming spring by building firm grass root with the help of Fall Turf Builder Lawn food.

With an adequate quantity, Scotts Turf Lawn food can cover the area of 15,000-sq ft, but it does not diminish the need for determining the accurate size of your landscape. Knowing how big your lawn helps you apply fertilizer in a better way.

How To Apply

You can use the Scotts Turf Lawn food in three steps.

  • 1
    Apply to wet or dry lawn with Scott’s spreader.
  • 2
    Mow the grass and leave clippings to allow roots absorb the water efficiently.
  • 3
    Use nature’s sprinklers excessively to reinforce the growth of grass.


  • Strengthens roots and protects against pests
  • Provides better water absorption
  • Cost-effective
  • Effective for any grass

What Other Buyers Are Saying

Scotts Turf Lawn food worked wonders for the buyers with its premium and effective formula. It has given their deserted lawns a new life. Buyers, who live in the areas of imposed droughts and water limitation, have highly appreciated the excellent performance of this lawn food.

For them, the product has been a great help in invigorating the grass appearance, as well as making it thicker and greener.

Moreover, buyers have also highly recommended the product for its prompt shipment and easy application. They have shared how few sprinkles keep the grass healthy even if you reduce your watering schedule.

Buying Advice

Some of the buyers raised their concerns regarding Summer Scotts Turf lawn food. According to them, the product was ineffective and did not protect the grass against sun rays. However, most of them applied it during the daytime that minimized the product’s effect by evaporating significant amount of water.

Moreover, if you want to achieve the best results, it is recommended to use the product between 7 to 10 am. Other than this, buyers are pleased with the all-in-one formula that is available in a fairly reasonable price.

Scotts Turf Builder Lawn Food

If you are an interested buyer, the lawn food is available on Amazon under $16.

Final Verdict

All in all, Scotts Turf Builder is a high-quality fertilizer to improve the appearance and health of your landscape. It is one of the best lawn foods you can use to double the strength of your grass growth. Thus, the product can be an excellent option that can immaculately manicure your lawn.

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